Day trips

Many remarkable places and natural wonders are located within a days trip from Laugarhóll. Here we mention a few examples, but please keep in mind that access to some of these places is limited by weather and road conditions.


Here you can get to know the local bird life, flora and fauna. You might even run into an arctic fox or two or see a whale frolicking in the waves. Intresting rock formations are hiding just out of view up from the beach and Siberian driftwood can be seen scattered around the area.


This remarkable swimming pool is located at 66.05° north and is just north of the Arctic Circle.
This amazing natural hot-water swimming pool is the perfect place to rest after a long drive from Laugarhóll through Árneshreppur. On a good day you can see all the way to the end of the world, or so it seems, and occasionally you can see pods of whales playing in the ocean just outside the pebble beach.


In a beautiful fjord just north of Bjarnarfjörður you will find the remains of a small village and an old herring factory. This is Djúpavík. 
In Djúpavík you will find a hotel providing historical tours through the abandoned factory which was considered one of the greatest architectural achievements in Iceland in its time.

Djúpavík is on the route to Krossneslaug (see above).


In Steingrímsfjörður, just south of Bjarnarfjörður, you will find a small, charming fishing village called Hólmavík. This village of around 450 inhabitants is among others host to a nice swimming pool, convenience store, the nearest gas station and the Museum of Sorcery & Witchcraft.


Located at the northern tip of Steingrímsfjörður this small fishing village is exposed to the elements. However a warm swimming pool and natural hot-tubs located at the edge of the ocean are not to be missed on your travels in the area.


In the ocean just outside Drangsnes the majestic and historical island of Grímsey dominates the seascape.
Grímsey is home to a growing population of various seabird and on your trip to the island you might see puffin or even an eagle.